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Usually not a question that I, as a male, would bring up. Welp, I guess that still depends on the topic. As far as the stock air box, it did to me.

Being unable to find much information, OK, any really, on the internet or forums about how much slimmer other air box / cleaner kits would actually be on my V Star I made the plunge and added it to my winter to-do list. I figured along the way I may as well go ahead and document it. So, here it is:

I started off by ordering the BA-2013-00 kit for my 2013 Deluxe. I received the kit fairly quickly and listed it as my next mod to do. I had already gotten Ivan's ECU flash a month or so previously. When I had talked with Ivan previously and said a new air filter kit would be in the future more than likely, he said all would be well. Side note, with the warmer than usual weather we've have here in mid-Maryland, I've actually gotten a chance for a couple rides in January / February. One with just the new ECU and one after adding the BAK. I like the change, ECU for ride-ability, BAK for comfort.

Now back on topic. The change out was easy, short of two missed steps in the instructions. The first one is in the removal of the old air box kit, the instructions fail to mention about removing the bottom bracket off the lower part of the motor (pictured below) before starting to install the new kit. The second is the lack of mentioning to install the nylon nipple to the back plate of the new filter kit before installing the plate on the motorcycle. Short of that, it's a pretty simple, quick job.

Here are the pics so you can see some before and after (obviously, you can see and feel the before on you own bike) and where my leg intersected both boxes. It would be nice to see someone put up similar information for the Cobra Powrflo Air Cleaner System. (If someone from Cobra wants to send me one, I will do a comparison) Seems like someone could find something shaped similar to the tank. I had posted a question a while back shortly after joining the group but never really got any feedback.

Pictures following include how I took the measurements (though when I did, I did actually hold the ruler perpendicular to the ground with the bike level). What's missing is the final measurement with the BAK at the one corner that slightly sticks out, which is just shy of and 1 1/4" at the very tip.

I hope someone finds this helpful just for the sheer fact of the data. As an FYI, with the new BAK you will get a slight "sucking(?)" air sound that you will notice when the bike is idling and you're beside the bike. You'll notice it less when you're on it and not really at all when you're riding it.











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Looks good, extra legs room and more performance. What else could you ask for? Good job on write up.
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