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drilling out exhaust

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I have an 09 V-Star 1300 & am very pleased with it. Sure it has all the noises that everyone is talking about, but Yamaha has always made a good bike so I am not too worried about it. I was interested in info. about drilling out my exhaust to give it a better sound. Do you need to do anything else to the bike to make it run right? Also wondering if it will cause any problems. Any info. you can give would be great, Thanks
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If your muffler is like the Liners you will have trouble getting the job done. It is a very long muffler and the guts don't come out easy. Most go with aftermarket. If you go with an aftermarket you can save the stock in case a ticket or an EPA inspection is in your future. Most of the after market guys claim some boost in power.

Your stock muffler will get a little louder with time.

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