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I have a 1300 V star with a MS Big Shot windshield and I want more protection. Does anyone know anyone who rides with the Drop Top Memphis Shade? Below is the explanation of how it works.

An improved version of our Memphis Fats, the Drop-Top™ Memphis Fats features a built-in, adjustable Venturi Wing™ that allows the rider to customize air flow and virtually eliminate buffeting. Using the Venturi effect, air is boosted up and over the rider, producing the benefits of a shield up to 3" taller; adjusted to 16", you get the wind protection of 19" and a clear view of the road — never having to look through a windshield again!

I'm not sure how it would look but if it eliminates buffeting that would be awesome!

MS Link: http://www.memphisshades.com/metric-shades/drop-top-windshields/drop-top-windshields
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