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exhaust mod and ram air

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Hi all,
I just purchased an 09 v star1100 classic with windsheild saddlebags,backrest,and a lindy bar 2 weeks ago.SWEET RIDE!!!
Has anyone tried the ram air kit from vstar1100.com and done the stock exhaust mod.Seems like a reletively cheap process for some more power and sound.Curios to hear if anyone has tried either one or both... Thanks for your input in advance!
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I did them both. The air intake was extremely easy and I still have it in place. I did the exhaust which took a bit of time and patience. I was not satisfied with the sound so I did buy Baron exhaust pipes for about $300 and the jet kit for the carbs for about another $45. This was when I really noticed the difference in performance.
Air flow.


As Chitownn said you will not see much change until you free air flow all the way through the bike. And if you increase air flow you need more gas to bring things back in balance. A jet kit. Doing this can give you maybe 10% change in power. you would not see a big difference, but you will have some satisfaction and a cool looking and sounding bike.

Some go with a Hyper charger, looks a lot like the ram air. some go with Max air kit.

Hyper charger


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The items mentioned are probably much more cost effective that what i am currently going through with my 2000 vstar 1100.

I took it to the metric bike shop i wanted the slip ons installed, they stressed that they felt a jet kit more air would be required. I went ahead and ordered a BAK/KN and the jets. All are good products and should help, eventually, i got a call yesterday, they now say the bike is backfiring, leaky manifold and requires extensive labor to fix, this shop visit is going to cost about 25 percent of what i paid for the bike in the first place I told my wife and she didnt get mad but said , well i guess you will be keeping this bike for a while, huh. any hopes of a change is gone for now, good thing it only has 7000 miles on it and it does ride good, i hope these mods give it a bit more power. Hope you enjoy your changes, mine have make a bit sick for now, oh well, hope to be riding again soon.
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Did the shop put in the jet kit? If so sounds like they are trying to cover up a screw up. I have had the carbs off of my bike 4 times and still have the original carb adapters.
Don't give up I have done the exhaust and intake mods to my 06 1100 and I am glad I did them. The bike sounds and runs so much better.
At this point I just want to get the bike back and ride it, the weather is nice now. the changes should help its performance, especially with 2up. Its a nice bike, I got it at a reasonable price and I really didnt think I would ever recover the upgrades i have done on resell. I told myself initiially i wouldnt put a lot of money in this bike, but i was wrong, i wanted more sound, performance, and functionality. I guess i am not the only one that falls into this trap, live and learn I guess. If it runs well, I hear the Vstar 1100 will last a while, so i plan to keep it.

Enjoy your upgrades and ride safely.
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