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Just got a 2007 V-Star 1300. I love the look of these pipes, and the sound is excellent. However, it's a bit loud for my taste.
Thinking of going to stock, but don't want to.

Is there any way to quiet these down some?

Have no idea what brand they are - can't find any markings. View attachment 108228 View attachment 108228
So I went through the same issues when I bought my used 07 Vstar 1300, it had Cobra Shorties. So your pipes are not Cobra, they stamp their name at the end of the heat shields. I tried everything mentioned and more. I even made my own baffles, but nothing seemed to be quiet enough for long rides, maybe acceptable for around town and shorter rides. You at least have the longs that exit at the back of the bike behind you, the shorty ends are right under you, that helps some. My end solution was to go with a Cobra 4" Slip-on since I didn't like the looks of the stock muffler, it uses stock header pipes. Here's a picture of one on a Stryker, not sure if they fit or they make them for the Vstar 1300's any more.
Cobra 4

I still modified the baffle to get the quietness I wanted, you have a lot more room in 4" pipe to play with different packing and baffle types.


21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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