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FI2000R settings for new 950...

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A buddy and I have the Cobra slipons and K&N air filter. FI2000R setting comes specific for the bike, with slipons added (no other mods) at 2.5/3/6. Don't feel it's optimum. I know we can make the adjustments ourselves, but does anyone like and remember the exact settings you have yours set to, giving you optimum performance and cool, but not popping sound? Tks, in advance...
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Funny Cobra PDF for the unit calls for 2.5/6/6 with slip-ons. I have the full exhaust and mine is still set with the defaults at 2.5/7/7. I just opened the airbox and noticed a little more popping.

I am unsure which way to adjust to optimize it. Cobra wasn't much help this was their response:

Leave the pot settings where they are and add your new air intake. Take your bike for a good ride. If it runs well you are done. If it is lean only adjust the pot for the area that needs more fuel. If you need any help give us a call at 714-692-8180. Thanks for asking Cobra, ride safe.
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