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So I've got a 1983 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special that's been sitting behind my dad's house for about four or five years, in various pieces. It needs...a lot of work. So if anybody here has restored one of these models and has any advice, I could definitely use it. This will be my first real bike project (aside from mods on my own v-star).

Right now it's a frame with engine and exhaust in place (engine definitely needs to be cleaned thoroughly), crankcase, presumably dead battery, and a carburetor that also needs a good cleaning. Entire front ends needs re-doing, and I'll probably end up having to salvage new forks and headlight.

What I want to do with it is (after getting the engine running) put shorty drag handlebars on it, a solo springer seat, forward controls, drag exhaust that rise above the rear fender, and tear off anything I don't need. Probably a better air-intake as well.

So, any tips? Or ideas?
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