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What is the recommended oil change mileage for V-star950 (2010)
I haven't had it since I purchased from a guy who had 1500miles on it
Now the odometer reads 3000
Also what other services should I get at 3000 miles.

Please advice

Thanks a lot

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According to my 2012 owner's manual, periodic servicing should be performed every 4,000 miles.Most of the items listed are to be visually checked and no further action is necessary if everything checks out okay.

Check: fuel line for cracks or damage, spark plugs for condition and adjust gap, valve clearance and adjust if necessary, breather hose for cracks, adjust synchronization of fuel injection, exhaust system for leaks,

Air filter-replace every 24,000 miles or sooner if dirty
Check operation of clutch and adjust cable
Front and rear brakes- check fluid level and look for leaks
Brake hoses- check for cracks or damage
Tires- check tread depth and for any damage
Wheel bearing- check bearings for smooth operation
Seingarm pivot bearings- check for escessive play
Drive belt- check belt tention and adjust if necessary
Steering bearings- check to see if loose
Check all chassis fasteners
Brake lever and pedal pivot shafts- apply lithium soap based grease
Shift pedal pivot shaft- grease as above
Sidestand pivot- same as above

Check sidestand switch for proper operation

Front fork- check for leaks

Shocks- check for leaks

Engine oil-change every 4,000 miles

Oil filter- change every other oil change (I change mine every time)

Check operation of front and rear brake switches

Check all cables and apply cable lube

Throttle grip- check for excessive free play

Check all lights and signals

And of course, check your tire pressure before any ride.

Sounds like a lot, but most of it can be done quickly.

Hope this helps.

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Postmaster is correct, exactly what my manual says for my 09' 950t. Doesn't take very long to go through it all.

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