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First oil change

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Did my first oil change today. All went well. The hardest part for me was getting my V&H muffler off. I wiggled and wiggled it for about 30 minutes before it decided to work with me. I could turn it the whole time but could not get it to slide. Taking off the header was not bad at all. I had to unhook the floor boards and clutch fluid reservior to make it easier. Before I thought about getting an ORK for it but $200-$300 versus about $20 made my decision pretty simple. I figured if I can tear apart airplanes, tear apart heavy machinery, an oil change on my 09 Silverado should be pretty easy. I figure the more I do this the easier it will be. If anyone else wants to tackle this on thier own, I suggest you use YouTube and see how others have done it. Doing so sure helped me out.
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An ORK will save you a ton of grief on oil changes:) You are correct, it gets a bit more easy, but still the same amount of work takin pipes loose ect when a guy can just spin off and spin on and go, I got so I'd rather go the easy route. Different strokes:) Ride Safe.
Don't mess around get an ORK, you will be glad you did.
Is there any preference to a particular ORK? I think there are only 2, correct?
Ya I think there's just two. One uses the KN-303 and the other uses the KN-171, both are available in chrome. I think the ME ORK is also available in black. I use the K&N numbers just as a reference lots of filters fit these. I think the KN-303 is metric and the KN-171 SAE (Harley Davidson)
My Preference is the PhatPerformance one. It uses the KN-171 so the filters can be gotten anywhere. Harley's for all their faults and strengths are everywhere. More important than that is the size of the lines at 5/16 are the largest lines.
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