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fluid levels and correct check vstar 1100 custom

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i try to check oil in vstar through the side windo, it seems to be covered in oil so i cant tell if it is in right range. when i take the cap to fill hole i dont see oil higher up and there isnt a dip stick.

to check the oil is the following correct:: warm up bike, stop, adjust bike to level position and check to ensure oil level is within the window, i guess like middle of window. when i look it looks black , which i assume is oil, my oil light has not ever come on but i dont want it to.

Other fluid checks:

rear gear oil, where is best place to check

brake fluid, the reservoir is low between frame , correct. also what level is ok

regariding clutch, it is dry correct, not hydrauli, this is a question. i need to make sure thefluids are correct and at correct levels



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