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For those interested I have reached out to FOBO (Bluetooth tire pressure sensor) and have secured the following Group-Buy discount commitment from them. The normal price for the FOBO Bike is $99.00. Group-Buy discounts are as follows:

More than 5 but below 15 = 10% discount for a total of $89.10 each

More than 15 but below 30 = 15% discount for a total of $84.15 each

More than 30 = 20% discount for a total of $79.20 each

I will be posting this Group-Buy in other forums, Facebook, etc. so that those of us interested can get the full 20% benefit.

We are currently at the 10% discount ($89.10 each). Order will be made to FOBO on Monday, November 28th so all monies would have to be received by Saturday November 26th. PM me for more info.

For more info on the FOBO for motorcycles go to: https://my-fobo.com/product/fobobike


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