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Having just returned from a trip to the New England states, I gained an even greater appreciation for our forum and it's members.
While traveling in upstate New York, I had lunch with my long time forum buddy, Corsair. What an interesting guy, and a class act. He's everything he appears to be in his thread's. We had as much fun chiding one another in person, as we do on the forum. Thanks for taking time out for us my friend! BTW, he's the cool looking guy in the glasses.
On the last leg of our trip, we met and rode with my other long time forum friend, annielikeslyrics. She was gracious enough to let us ride "princess", her prize purple roadie, and what a nice bike! Annie like Corsair is everything thing she appears to be. We've missed her pic whores references, quick wit, and insight on riding from a woman's perspective. I am very glad she's active again after taking time out for life. BTW, in the second pic, my goofy look was in response to being told that I must be the thorn in between two roses.
Thanks for allowing me to share everyone, and isn't this part of why we love to ride?


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