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Fuel mileage

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I am considering upgrading from my 1100 vstar to the venture cause I would like to take some long distance trips. I originally was looking at the goldwing til I found that my toyota corolla gets better gas mileage, of course it also has a smaller motor!! I was wondering what kind of mileage you all were getting on the venture. Thanks:)
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I see Yamaha claims 42 MPG. I see some talk of less maybe high
30's. Mileage on a bike falls fast as you get much above about 70 MPH. I think both bikes get about the same mileage and have about the same size tank. They don't seem to be designed for gas mileage. Several of my buddies have Goldwings, they get defensive but I'm pretty sure mileage is about the same as Venture.

So it's what you want. Venture is less money, Wing has more power and weight is lower.

Thanks Dave. I thought yamaha's claimed mpg was probably a little high as they usually are. Maybe I should just buy a fairing and hard bags and a trunk for my Vstar!

Boats, campers, and motorcycles, We always want bigger ones. Ride your V Star a while. If you find you are a travel a lot then go for a touring bike. Big, big, difference in money. Twice as much as the V Star.

My father has a 2006 Goldwing, and gets almost the same mileage as I do. Granted, I've got a Tour Deluxe, but I've been told mileage is the same for both Royal Stars. I've also ridden a few Ventures and found the Wing can turn tighter. Otherwise, I'd go for the Yamaha, I find it more comfortable, and it's not as expensive.
I have an 01 Tour Deluxe, I get 114 miles out of the tank berfore I need to fill up and it runs cold at 121. I drilled out the copper plugs over the jets and re-jetted it, I like it better than that wonky leg warmer intake unit they bolted onto the front of the newer ones. This is my wifes bike, I take it to picnicks and give girls rides on it, I never would have looked at it but am sure glad I have it.

I just did the math I'm getting sa bit short of 26 mpg,
I rented a golod wing in nevada a few years back...they can have 'em.
Maybe go to a V-star 1300. cheap, quick, loads of power, smooth, fuel injected and still gets right at 50 MPG. Runs 2 up with no problems.
Two reasons why the Royal stars do not get better gas mileage.

1, aerodynamics, just start adding big fairing, bags, trunks, lowers and see what happens to the mileage on any bike.

2, it is not fuel injected..

There are guys with Ventures that get mid 40s, but they usually have reset the floats, and rebalanced the carbs and tuned them themselves because most shops don't ever get it quite right.
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