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fuel processor

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I have a 08 v star 1300 and just bought some pipes and a k&n air filter for it. Will it hurt anything if I go ahead and put the pipes and filter on and wait a month or two till I can afford the proccessor?
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Fuel processor


I have read for both the 1300 and the Liner the processor can handle it. Pretty sure you will be OK.

I believe if all you do to intake is change to a exact replacement K&N filter with no other changes there is not that big a change in air flow.

The only thing I would consider is elevation, the closer to sea level you are the leaner it will run and the higher in elevation you get the richer it will run. Too lean is bad. It depends on the pipes you got also.A short wide open pipe is going to lean it out more than a long pipe with a little restriction. I would probably just do the pipes so you get at least the gratification of the sound and put in the filter when you get the fuel processor. thats just me though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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