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So I bought a 2000 VS650 for my wife.

She remains insistent on not shifting, so I got her an "auto" trans bike instead and selling the 650.

In going over it in detail, realized that an ORK had been fitted, but then taken off. The lines and filter head were still on the bike - found the engine-block "fitting" in a saddle bag.

Reminded me of my own travails in fitting an ORK to my 2004 XVS1100... The line fittings are aluminum. Very easy to strip and/or over-torque.

As I looked at the right-side engine fitting for the 650's ORK and saw the JBWeld and such, realized what had happened: Someone fit the ORK, but stripped and/or over-torqued the fittings and they were leaking. I guess the JBWeld was the last-ditch attempt to make it not leak.

In any case, I'm now selling a great-running, great-looking 2000 XVS650... But with a "redundant" ORK now hanging off the front.

My own ORK on the 1100 continues to perform great and it's so nice to NOT have to pull the pipes for an oil change. But word-to-the-wise. Install carefully and have your torque-wrench handy...
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