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Going to Europe

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I just got back from a 10 day holiday in Amsterdam and Paris and loved every minute of it.

I think I might go back next summer/fall for about 8 weeks and do a driving tour and would rather have a bike than a car.

I looked into renting a bike, but it works out to 100 to 150 dollars a day for a touring bike. That is about 6000 to 8000 grand, never mind the add-ons they like to put onto rental equipment.

I have found a company that ships bikes by air that is about half the money of renting, or around 3500 to 4000. That is from Calgary to Amsterdam return.

Anyone have any experience with shipping a bike overseas by air?
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I am going to use this thread for the adventure. I will include all of the details from now up to getting to Europe, the trip in Europe and the trip home.

Any ideas that you might have would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that I will miss lots and ideas are always welcome.

I will be taking a laptop with me so will be able to update regularly as so far I have seen that many of the campsites have WiFi and if not, there is always a cafe that has it.

Here is what I have found out so far.

Motorcycle Express has been shipping bikes overseas for about 10 years. I can fly out of Calgary to Amsterdam on the same flight as the bike, so I can literally drive it away from the airport when I arrive. I am not sure I am going to do this but will look into it. The return flight for the bike is about $4,000. It costs about $1,100 return on KLM, which is my airline of choice.

I have an inquire into them to get the particulars.

I found this website which is all about campgrounds in Europe. It should be very helpful, and with the laptop booking from one to the next while there will work out well.

My experience is that it is easier to email someone than phone as they have time to sort out exactly what you mean when it is written and it should help with the clarity of the communications.


Yamaha has a decent dealer network over there, and there seems to be one in almost every major city in all of the countries. That will help with minor maintenance issues such as oil changes and tire replacement.

I intend to camp most of the time so i am going to be pretty particular about the gear.

I found a smaller tent, that has stand up room.


I found this cot which will make it much nicer to sleep.


I have lots of good lightweight gear already as I am an avid back country hiker so I should be able to incorporate a lot of that.

Enough for now, but please add info or ideas as you see fit.
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