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Good Morning from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Just bought my first road bike about a month ago. 2002 V-Star 1100 classic. She has 27,000 miles and runs great. I just put her in the shop to get a full service on her and a full inspection to see what (if any) needs to be done with her. i took her for a 320 mile ride the first weekend i bought her. like i say, she runs great and had no problems that i could tell. great bike, and comfortable ride. My wife doesn't care much for the back seat. but, we'll work on that in the near future. and advice, would be appriciated. thnx
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I'm sure you will like the bike. 27,000 miles is nothing. The passenger seats are not that great on most cruiser bikes. Yamaha has an optional passenger seat. Or you can go with a Mustang seat, or Ultimate seat. There are some gel with lambs wool pads that would help some also. Some on E Bay. Look for a passenger seat that is wider and thicker. The passenger Mustang seat for my Liner is two inches wider and an inch thicker. For my 1100 I went with Yamaha's seat. Mustang seat has a little better shape.

Ride it for a while and shop around. Go to some bike night and shows see what others have. Maybe go with a pad off E Bay until you make up your mind. Some of what you do is get used to the bike. Also I recommend a sissy bar for the wife so she does not fall off the back when you unexpectedly give some gas. If you are riding two up.

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thanks Dave

thanks for the comments on the seat. I have the sissy bar on the back for the wife. Had to have it. I'm gonna try to get a pic of the bike on the site as soon as I can. We're probably gonna go with a pad on the seat for now, and look around.
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