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Decided to upgrade from a standard modular HJC full face helmet to a one piece full face carbon fiber helmet. Was hoping it would be lighter and have less wind noise.

Googling HJC RPHA 10 helmets, motorcyclegear.com listed a close out sale.

Normally this years helmets are selling for $260 online. Motorcyclegear has some XXL helmets left from 2012 in black and silver for $139.

I got a silver one. The paint is really fine grade metal flake and matches the silver on my raspberry/silver VS650 nicely.

The helmet arrived Monday (8 days for free UPS ground from TX to NYS).

Its noticeably lighter on my head, and I know its quieter because the last 3 days riding I keep looking at the speedo and Im going 15mph faster than I normally would. My wind noise feel for the bike has really shifted.

My head sizes to the upper limit for an XL according to the normal charts (an XL would be very snug). The XXL fits me perfectly, and I can wear my glasses without having to alter the bend on the temple pieces of my glasses.

The helmet has a goofy R logo on the forehead, which I immediately and easily peeled off (its soft plastic and glue).

Im just loving this helmet and the deal. They still have some left. Im almost tempted to get another one for a spare.

Thought Id share this. Where else can you get a new carbon fiber composite full face helmet for $139? They were originally $340 MSRP.

Sorry they only have the one size.
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