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Hey all,

Ive been in this forum for some time, I do not work for this company or have any relationship with them or any motorcycle products company.

I wanted to share this, because I found a great replacement 1157 bulb in a LED for our tail/brake light on the rear fender.
Its really simple, just take the 3 screws off the rear fender light, push and twist out the old bulb and twist in this new LED bulb.

I always experimented with lighting on the bike, in fact had an existing LED bulb already in place on my fender but as time goes on, technology gets better and I have found this company to sell some great products, if most don't know, most LED replacement bulbs don't "cut it", normally they are not much brighter then the standard bulb, keep in mind I am talking direct replacement bulbs, not clusters or specialized lighting for motorcycles, which I hear are really good even though a bit costly.

This bulb is a simple replacement bulb and WOW, is it nice and BRIGHT! Plus it makes the tail light really sparkle. I only installed it yesterday, a big 5 minute job, take the lens off and change the bulb.
Anyway, wanted to share this, because I am so impressed. If anyone orders it, remember to order the RED color bulb to go in the red brake/tail light housing on the fender.
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