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Greetings from ND

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Hello all!

I am relatively new to motorcycle riding and ownership. I took the MSF driving course in September (shortly after purchasing my scooter). I never thought I would like riding as much as I did during the course so I set my sights on a motorcycle. I really liked the Yamaha selections and after a little while found a slightly used 2003 V-Star 650 Classic with 1000 miles on it. The dealer worked on the carbs, tuned it up for me and threw in a new battery too. Only got to ride it for a few weeks then it got a little to cold to ride but I sure enjoyed while I could. I really enjoy this forum and all of your words of wisdom, and really look forward to an awesome year of riding next year.
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Welcome, glad you attended the MSF course, wise decision. Great people and info hear, enjoy. Ride safe.
Welcome Paramed...While I am not what you'd call a "seasoned" rider, I have had my licence since 1981. My current Yamaha Silverado 1600 is my 4th bike through a history of long spaces between bike ownership/riding. Took a ride half way acrross Canada last summer with one of my sons on a Goldwing and him on his BMW and although it was comfortable, I was looking for something else..hence the Silverado. Bought it in Sept and just luv it. This is what could be my last bike....also look forard to riding when the weather warms next spring...
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