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Hi folks. GritsWilliams here from South Mississippi. Just picked up my 950 Vstar Saturday. First impressions are mixed. But now with 200 miles under my belt, I'm feeling better about a couple things. Living on a long sandy drive way (1500') has it's disadvantages getting in and out to the highway. One of my complaints about the 950 is it's "loooongggg" first gear. I wish it would have been "grannied" just a bit lower. Having such a fast first gear presents it's challenges. Has anyone else noticed this or thought it is geared just a bit "high"???
Other than those initial misconceptions, I find the bike to handle very well on the road (mind you I'm still breaking it in...please don't forget that for you new owners...baby the bike for at least the first 600 miles).
Power wise, I'm impressed for a mid-level bike. I just hope it lives up to all the hype and turns out to be a "keeper" for many years. Here's to safe riding and keeping your head-on-a-swivel! Happy Journeys.
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