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Hello and Roadliner vs Victory question

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Hiya all I'm from the UK, the Lake District in the NW of England. Beautiful biking country even if it does get a bit wet.

Been riding coming up to 40 yrs and my thoughts have been straying to a big cruiser recently, something that would have been quite alien a few years back.

I presently have an old BMW R1100RS and when I had a newer R1200GS I rode with a guy who had a Victory a few years back and I was mightily impressed with the build quality and performance compared to HD stuff I had seen. Now looking around for a good big 'Bagger' (to quote US terminology I believe) and the Star (Yamaha) 1900 Roadliner seems to get rave reviews at the moment. Now I know you'll all be biased but I wonder if anyone can sell me on a Star over the Victory?

What's the pro's and con's of the pair? Has anyone on here tried the Victory range?

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Liner over Victory

Hi Peter,

You are right, I am biased. I own an 06 Stratoliner, have 42,000 miles on it. No repairs at all. I like the bike a lot. I have bags, a windshield, and lower wind deflectors. I also changed the seats to a Mustang seat. Mostly for the wife. Passenger seat was not up to wife's expectations. I was happy with Rider seat. The Liner has lots of power. Torque comes on hard about two thousand RPM, holds pretty steady up to about 4,500 RPM. Peak torque is at 2,500 RMP. At the motor 124 Ft lbs torque, 101 Horsepower. at the wheel about 86 horsepower and 107 ft lbs torque. I think that would be a little more than the Victory. Weigh and balance is good for a 750 pound bike.

Some elect to buy a Roadliner and install their own bags and windshield. Corbin and Tsukayu are a couple of names I hear a lot. I see Yamaha has hard bags now, my bags are leather over plastic.

I looked at a Victory at a motorcycle show a couple of times. It had a good feel. Weight was obviously low down on the bike. I am sure it is an excellent bike. I don't think you will go wrong with either bike, but I did not care for the looks of the Victory from behind. Maybe it would grow on me.

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