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Well I thought I introduce myself this time. I joined the Kawasaki Vulcan Forum last year and didn't read anything or know what I was doing so I never did the new member intro. These forums have the same format, so I think I have better knowledge to start with this time around.

First off I am jumping bikes from a 2007 Kawasaki 900 Custom to a 2007 V Star 1300 that I'm picking up tomorrow. I have to say I really like the Kawasaki 900, it's just when I bought it I really had my mind set on a bigger bike. But at the time I couldn't afford the extra money and I really liked the looks of the 900 Custom. I ran across this 1300 with 1700 miles, with many of the modifications I'd would do anyway, I thought it was a good price so I bought it. Part of my interest in motorcycling is customizing (along with the riding) so I look forward to seeing what other people have done to their rides.

If anyone is interested in my Kawasaki I thought I'd attach a link to a picture of my bike that has a little background caption with it. If anyone is considering Kawasaki vs Yamaha, I can give feed back on the 900.

So I look forward to getting insite and info from this website.
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