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Helmet-to-Helmet COmmunication

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I'd like to get a system for my wife and I to be able to talk while on the bike. What systems have you found to work well? Are there some that are voice activated?

I'd appreciate your input and suggestions.
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The Scala Rider Teamset or Q2 multiset seem to be very good, and voice activated... I'm in the same boat... looking.

They make a set for just you and your passenger, or bike to bike communication with other riders.

Scala now has the Q4, which is even more advanced, along with stereo output for music, if that's important to you, but also pricier.

Scala is probably the favored and most popular, but there are others, such BlueAnt, and Chatterbox. Others will chime in with their experience, but I think those are the major players.

I picked up a Q2 for around $300.00 works great for rider to passenger. Has Blue tooth for phones or pairs with other bikers. It also has an MP3 port. If you get a spliter for the Ipod you both have tunes. It's all voice activated. It has FM radio for around town but not much good on the open road.
Hey Willie
What kind of helmet are you using and how are the speakers. I have a set of nike speakers in my full face and can barely hear them on the highway. Also, do you find the voice activated part cuts off the first word or two before it kicks in?
I have the chatterbox XBI system for my wife and me and like it. It has a audio jack so you can plug your ipods or other portable music in and both can hear it., They have a newer version out now
Did you pick-up a set? Last night I pulled the trigger on a set of SENA SMH10's from E-BAY. They have been getting high ratings from many forums. Good volume, easy controls, can link upto four sets. Can't wait till they get here.
Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Multiset

Hey Stargazer
I am using HJC full face helmets for both me and the wife. With the speakers placed inside the helmet so they touch your ears I have to remind the wife to turn it down, she controls the IPOD and the controls for it are seperate from the Scala head set. As for that first word problem sometimes your have to say hello or yes dear twice. Every once and a while wind coming in under the helmen activates the voice control so be careful what you might be munbling to yourself.. Like the system works great.
We have had extremley good feedback on the new Scala Rider G4 as well. It is completely bluetooth and is full duplex. I have personally used it and found the clarity to be incredible. We recentely did a review of it, see link below.

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