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...But the l(Yamaha) lite bar is in the way of the 2 lower screws on the bucket.

'14 1300 Tourer.

How do I loosen/ remove lite bar to get to the screws?

I have an Allen wrench, just not enough room to finagle it on the bucket.

I'm not mechanically inclined to start with.

Is there a special tool that is made for lower screws?

Lost the hi-beam last week, so I rode with the low beam & the driving lights. Now the lo beam is also out.

I'm supposed to ride with the guys tomorrow PM. I'm not comfortable with NO headlight at al.



(BTW, I've posted this on another Forum too)

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I have an offset ratcheting screwdriver that works very good. It's not this exact one but close to it. Any hardware store or autoparts store will have one. It's a life saver in tight areas.

Found the one I have.

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