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Help! Engine Removal?

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Hi guys. Ok had starter clutch issue. While all went well in removing all part, installing the flywheel, I broke the damn cam chained sprocket. Upon further inspection, I thought I could replace the sprocket by sliding it out from the bottom but now realize that’s not gonna happen. Now it looks like I got to remove the engine the access the top to remove chain/sop rocket. Am I corr3ct in this thought process? If it is, how difficult is it to remove the engine from the bike? I have been looking and cannot find a good video on the subject. Also, if I do have to remove the rear top end, what gaskets do I need to buy or is there a kit I can purchase? That’s for any help on this subject
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What model do you have? What sprocket has broken, upper or lower?
Hi, sorry I have been busy and very frustrated right now. It was the rear cam chain sprocket assembly. I got the engine out without much difficulty. Not the problem. Thought I had to only take off the head but nooo, the cylinder had to come off too and that is where I am now. Remember I am a noob to engine repairs. When I went to remove cylinder. It was very difficult to get off the piston. When I installed the original problem, the sprocket, upon installing the cylinder, after getting the cylinder over the piston, I had to pound the cylinder back on due to the tightness of the piston not going into the wall. Now. Stupid of me but the guide got stuck thru the hole for the damn can chain tensioner and I had to pound the cylinder back I’d so between the tightness of the piston and the guide thru the hole, I finally managed to get the cylinder off but not before breaking a number of fins off the damn cylinder. I then further inspected the piston and looks like some of the rings are damaged. Thought this was gonna be not too difficult but the way my luck has been lately, not surprised. Question now,
Can I reused the cylinder with these broken fins and buy the ring kit for the piston ( piston looks fine and the inner wall of the cylinder is not hurt)
Or, should I buy a used cylinder on eBay that has the piston included(used) and replace it this way.
I really need the expertise of this forum right now
Sorry for being this long
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Well, guess I forgot to update this. Bike was all put back together and surprising Lol, all went well except I had a hard time removing both the cylinder and head and broke a few of the fins off. Not sure the best way to try and fix them back on so maybe someone can comment. After repairing the bike, I had a trouble-free summer driving my bike and hope when I start my bike soon, I dont run into any issues with the bike.
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Good to hear your success! Don't think a cooling fin or two broken is going to hurt anything. I've had dirt bikes that I think more cooling fins were broke than weren't.
thanks les. Used her all summer hoping it wouldn’t cause an issue. Researching how to fix them were vague at best so I will leave them alone for now. Bright side is I learned a lot from the whole process. I would do it all again if I had to but hope not to lol. Btw, nice to see you are still around and offering support!! Much appreciated too
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