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Help - No speedo or odo

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I stopped and got gas, and afterwards my speedometer and odometer were not working.

After driving, I heard a clicking and saw that the cable that goes into the axel of the front week was look and dragging on the ground.

I screwed it back on, but still no speedo or odo. What could my problem be? Would is that cable used for? It looks like it is carrying oil to the axel.

Thanks for you help... I'm taking the advanced riders class tomorrow, and would like to have my speedometer!

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speedometer and oddometer

You need a new cable dude. Attach the new one tightly and don't forget to lube it when you lube the other cables. No lube is probably what caused the other to fail.
Yes, it was the speedo cable. After ordering another I saw that the cable is suppose to have a metal insert that mechanically moves the speedo. (old one was completely missing)

Installed it myself, and is now working perfectly.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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