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Year: 2008.
Make/Model: Stratoliner S.
Eng size: Massive.
Modifications: Very few, light bar, crash bars and highway pegs.
Accessories: Temperature gauge.
Length of time to build: Probably took Yamaha about a day.
And the story/inspiration/additional comments: I bought my 2008 Stratoliner S in Pearl White from Clinton Cycles last year. Rode it locally for a week, then started the thousand miles out to Great Lakes, IL to watch my boy graduate Navy boot-camp. Just 5 miles into the ride back, the valve train let go. It seems a lifter collapsed, a rocker broke and with no other way to let the gases out, the head gasket blew.

So, a quick flight home to get my truck and an 1,800 mile round trip to get the bike was quickly done. I was out of the warranty provided by Clinton Cycles, but they said they'd take care of me. I ended up paying $400 towards a $3,500 repair. Clinton Cycles really do stand behind their products. I'd recommend them any day.

I'm just adjusted the valves yesterday. It's done around 2,000 miles since the rebuild and it was sounding a little 'mechanical'. It was good to get in there and poke around. Took me about 6 hours, but in my defense it was my first time in there. Wow! You need the touch of a midwife to get that rear valve cover off.

Personally, I've ridden Triumphs most of my life, I still have a Speedmaster. I'm from England and love the marque. Had a Harley too. Got to say though, of the 50 or 60 bikes I've owned, the Stratoliner is the one I honestly believe I was born to ride.


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