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:)My name is Vicky and I ride a 2009 Yamaha VStar 1300Tourer and I live in Bangor, Maine where our riding season is not as long as we'd like it to be, but we do have some beautiful roads to enjoy once we are out there.

I am starting a new STAR motorcycle chapter in the Bangor area that I would like to let you all know about.

The Charter Signing of the new Bangor, Maine STAR Chapter #483!! The event will be on Sat., April 10th at 2:00pm at Friend and Friend in Orono, Maine (exit 193) and people from STAR chapters all over New England will be coming up to help support and to celebrate this new chapter. Details are now being planned with the Friend and Friend dealerships and Clewley Farm Restaurant for the event.

STAR Touring and Riding Association (www.startouring.org) was conceived in 1995 and founded in 1996, STAR Touring and Riding
Association is an international family riding organization. As the,
"Official Riding Organization of Star Motorcycles.," STAR is a non-political, non-confrontational association.

Its main focus is on family, fun, camaraderie and RIDING. All brands of motorcycles are welcome. Comprising over 65,000 members and over 285 chapters, STAR recognizes safety as a first priority. The STAR community is a mix of riders with varied riding experiences. Chapter rides follow the highway laws and limits, to keep everyone as safe as possible. This allows everyone to enjoy the ride and not have new riders feel overly stressed. STAR chapter rides do not include "tavern runs", and consumption of alcoholic beverages on chapter rides is prohibited. We want to see you back safely for the next ride. If you are looking for a family motorcycle association, with a lot of pride, spirit and camaraderie without the "attitude" you have found the right organization. Come ride with us and feel the spirit!!!!!

The official charter signing will mark the beginning of this chapter in
this area! Once official, officers will be nominated then elected, and
monthly meetings, events, and rides will begin. I am thinking of having our monthly meeting on the 2nd Saturday of each month, year round, followed by our chapter ride (weather permitting).

Members who sign the charter at the event will be considered "charter members" of this new chapter
and this is the only time when this distinction is possible. You must
be a member of STAR to sign the charter - sign up by going online to www.startouring.org OR by signing up right at the Charter Signing event. Plan to arrive a little early to give yourself time to sign up.


Vicky Blanchette

Area Coordinator - Incoming President
STAR Touring and Riding Assoc.
(207) 944-2695
[email protected]

Here are a few of the many Reasons To Join STAR:
· Official organization of Star Motorcycles (Yamaha Motor Corp. USA)
· Family oriented organization
· Insurance & product discounts
· STAR Touring & Riding members only web site
· National, Regional and Local events and rides
· National STAR publication
· Promoting non-discriminating camaraderie

How To Join Or Renew:
1. You can join online at www.startouring.org
2. You can join by filling out an application and mailing in.
3. You can join by calling the STAR International office at 520-572-8367

The cost to join STAR Touring & Riding is $48 for a family membership, per year. This
includes your significant other and up to (4) STAR KiDs or STAR TEENS (up to 18 yrs).
NOTE: To sign up your significant other they must reside at the same address as the
member. The ladies usually sign up for LOS (Ladies of Star) but can request a general membership card. Your significant other, STAR KiDs or STAR TEENS have to be entered into the database to
become members. You can add them online by selecting “Add A Member” from the
members home area of the website, or you must submit an application with their

Once the application is processed, a membership card will be ordered. After we receive
the cards, membership packets are mailed out. If you or your friends would like to help out or find out more about the chapter or STAR, just let me know or check out the www.startouring.org website. Remember, you don't have to have a Yamaha or a STAR motorcycle to be a member of STAR - so tell your friends!

Chapter Officers
The following positions are required for every STAR Touring & Riding Chapter

Chapter Board of Trustees
Each chapter must form a Board of Trustees to decide upon chapter issues or grievances with
members. The Board of Trustees consists of the Chapter President, Chapter Vice-President,
Sergeant at Arms, LOS Representative and one additional Chapter Officer or member as
appointed by the President.

The Board of Trustees must reach decisions by a "majority" vote, and furnish the member or
chapter with a written explanation of their findings and decision. This must be signed by all of
the Board of Trustees in attendance. All decisions of the Board are final.

Chapter President
Shall assure the compliance by all Chapter members with the STAR Charter. Shall exercise
general supervision over the members of the Chapter Board and the affairs of the Chapter.
Shall have the authority to make day-to-day decisions concerning the operations of the Chapter
and report those decisions to the membership. Shall maintain a working relationship with
Chapter sponsors and the dealer sponsors of STAR Touring & Riding. Shall represent the
Chapter in involvement with other riders groups and organizations. Shall be point of contact
for all Chapter members in communicating with STAR International, i.e., National President and
National Organizers.

Shall stand in for and hold the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. Shall work
with all committee chairs to coordinate and inform board of committee progress. Shall work
with the President to obtain sponsors and representing the Chapter and STAR Touring & Riding.

Sergeant At Arms
Shall be present at all meetings to keep and maintain order. The Sergeant at Arms is
responsible for making sure that all ride waivers are signed prior to any ride, carrying
completed ride waivers on chapter rides and enforcing the charters and bylaws as they are

LOS (Ladies of the STAR) Representative
Shall work to make all women, either rider or passenger, feel welcome as a member of the
Chapter. Shall coordinate with the National LOS Director for support. Shall work within the
Chapter to help advance the image of women in motorcycling.

Shall keep minutes of all meetings. Shall conduct a roll call of members at chapter meetings.
Shall be sure that all members sign in on roster for monthly rides. Shall make sure that all
members have signed a waiver for the current year. Shall make sure that all e-mails are
forwarded to the membership. Shall send a copy of monthly meeting minutes to regional and
state directors. Shall keep track of member’s STAR Touring & Riding Association membership
expiration dates and send out monthly reminders.

Shall maintain a bookkeeping system for the funds of the Chapter. Shall make a monthly
inancial report to the Executive Board at Exec. Board meetings, and to the membership at each
general meeting. Shall oversee sales of Chapter merchandise, i.e. T-shirts, sunglass straps,
Patches and all other items. Shall coordinate and collect funds during all 50/50 raffles.

STAR Vet Representative
Shall encourage all veterans to join STAR Vets. Shall work to bring information to the chapter on
Veteran’s events. Shall encourage chapter participation in parades, stand-downs, and other
functions that are made to honor all of our Veteran’s past and present. The STAR Vets

Representative is the publicity representative and will represent all STAR Vet riders and
enthusiasts to all local media and in general handle all communications pertaining to the STAR
Vet chapter membership.

Road Captain
Shall plan the rides and be sure that all rides are pre-ridden to ensure safety on the route. The
Road Captain is in charge of the ride and will lead all rides. All rides will be not be ridden over
the posted speed limit to ensure the safety of all the participants in the ride. The Road Captain
works closely with the Tail Gunner to help control the group formation.

Tail Gunner
Shall ride in the back of the pack and keep an eye on the group. It is the duty of the tail gunner
to stay with any bike that has dropped off the ride due to mechanical or personal problems so
the group can continue. The tail gunner works closely to with the Road Captain to help control
the group formation.

The shepherd shall have a minimum of three years riding experience. Shall greet all new riders
into the group. It is the responsibility of the Shepherd to explain to the new people about STAR
Touring and Riding Association mission statement, chapter charters, bylaws, waivers, ride rules
and make them feel welcome into the group. The Shepherd will be paired up with the new
people and remain with them during their first (2) rides and meetings so that they do not feel
left out and can be available to answer any questions they may have about the chapter or STAR
Touring & Riding Association.

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Hi Tobiquer,
There are STAR chapters in NB. Check out this website from STAR Touring and Riding Assoc. at http://www.startouring.org/intlchapterlist.aspx, that shows all of the chapters now in Canada. There are some in BC..... Enjoy!


Canadian National Director
Dave Sievewright

[email protected]

Sarnia, Ontario - Chapter 5105
Terry MacDonald
519 337-2264
View Chapter Web Site
[email protected]

North Ontario Provincial Director
Kevin Matheson

[email protected]

Temiskaming - Chapter 5106
Kim Campbell
View Chapter Web Site
[email protected]

South Ontario Provincial Director
Terry MacDonald

[email protected]

Okanagan, BC - Chapter 5108
Brian Elliott

[email protected]

Kingston, Ontario - Chapter 5102
Carl Smith
View Chapter Web Site
[email protected]

North Bay, Ontario - Chapter 5110
Denis Gagnon
View Chapter Web Site
[email protected]

British Columbia - Chapter 5103
Dave Clark
View Chapter Web Site
[email protected]

Foothills, Alberta - Chapter 5111
Kelly Anderson

[email protected]

New Brunswick - Chapter 5104
Ron Dube

[email protected]
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