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my name is Paul and I am from Slovakia. Last year I bought myself a 2006 Yamaha XV1900 Midnight Star and I love this bike.

I just made some regular stuff like oil change, new spark plugs and air filter. Added highway pegs, phone holder, usb charger and sound system.

I hope that I can find here some friends and useful informations for me and also I will be usefull by helping others.

Here is the pic of my bike 馃槉


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Welcome @PaloXV1900 from North Carolina!
That鈥檚 a SWEET ride you got there! I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e friends are envious. Probably don鈥檛 see many bikes like that over in Slovak do you?
Anyways, we鈥檝e got a great forum here filled with many knowledgeable and friendly people always willing to help!
You鈥檝e got a completely different environment to ride in than we do here, so please make sure and share some of your ride stories with lots of pics! We have a thing here that if there are NO PICS, IT DIDNT HAPPEN. 馃榿

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Welcome from Houston, Texas. Glad you joined us. Here's a few interesting threads to check out when you get a chance.

Go to last page for current hunt :

Ride often and safe.
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