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Norman....those look great! How about a short writeup of how you did it with a couple of detail pics?
the only pics i have are the ones i posted ,

cobra spotlights are everywhere for about 45.00 each , that was the cost for me for 2 = 95 and change with tax. i got mine at jp cycle in daytona . you will need a extra set of bars that hold the blinkers, i got a set from someone on here for free , but others offer them to me for 25.00. you will need the hardware that are inside the bars , the long hollow bolt and the ends that hold the blinkers. the rest is drilling and tapping the hole with the blinker off that will hold the cobra lights on the stock bars. cutting the extra hollow bolt and drilling holes on the side`s for the bolt to go threw into the cobra lights that will hold them to the bar that comes out of the headlight , plus they will hold the blinkers
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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