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How do you stow your helmet on V Star 1300

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I'm concerned that it might run away if I leave it out on the bike.
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Grab a cable gun lock from harbor freight and lock it to the sissy bar
On the road star there is a tab under the seat to lock the helmet I am guessing. Have never used it.
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I bought a cable lock for mine but never used it, it's too easy for a thief to cut through the strap and take the helmet. I just hook mine on my shoulder bag.
I've been riding for 45 years in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Always just hang it on my mirror with no issues once at the airport for 15 days. Never had anyone mess with it.
My neighbor was parked at a road house and someone stole the baffles out of his pipes but left the helmet ha.
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I have had my helmet for over fifteen years and paid about $400 for it. For this reason I pop it on the sissy bar and go for lunch etc. if I ride to work I take it on with me, just because it would sit for so long. Also, if it rains I want a dry helmet.

All this said, I am looking at investing in a nice helmet this year. And I won’t be leaving it on my bike for the rats to take. Probably just pack it with me

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I'm curious how many people have had their helmets stolen and if they were locked or not.
I'm curious how many people have had their helmets stolen and if they were locked or not.
Never had one stolen. In Houston I always took it in with me, a lot of questionable folks there. In the hill county now I leave it on the bike, except during summer, helmet gets too hot.
The v star 950 has a little tab under the seat to hold the helmet & I have never used it.
I always carry it with me.
I've asked this question before on some other forums, and the most popular options seem to be either a cable lock of some type, or most just carry them. The city I'm in has a lot of 'sketchy' people (I watched a guy steal a potted plant from a seniors centre once) so I just carry mine with me anytime I park the bike. The exception would be bike shows/ bike nights etc. No problem leaving my helmets on the sissy bar or hanging from the bars around other bikers...

Edit: I know three people here who have had their helmets stolen off their bikes, one where he works, the other two while they had stopped for a bite to eat downtown, but like I said above, just about anything not nailed down will walk away in this town 😠
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