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Multi Position Controller
Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki Chrome Switch
For 1" x 5 1/2" Bars


you can find them much cheaper on fleabay, i made an "offer" and got them pretty cheap. the controller is HUGE and boxy looking, but at the price, it looks great :rolleyes:

how to get the grips off

basically, pop the decorative caps off,
unbolt the bar end weights.
run a screwdriver up in there, spray some juice up along the screwdriver with the straw.

pull grips off, wipe down with Carb Cleaner.

remove the O-ring around the gas grip to remove the chrome ring.

loosen & slide the mirrors & controls in by holding grips up against them.

put glue in new grips, use a rubber hammer/mallet to drive the gas grip on (oh yeah, it goes on all the way...but it takes a few hits)

i left a service loop for the throttle (the throttle only turns a 1/4 turn or so)

open the clips, put wires in.

mount controller, unbolt rear of gas tank & have someone hold it up

run wires back (there is a holder for throttle cables in front)

attach to battery.

we have not rode with them, but they got warm in the garage.

the only problem is you COULD leave them on.

someone needs to post up how to find a switched wire & to wire them up with a relay.


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that's why we put it there, it looked worse anywhere else.

from the words in the instructions, it was made to go on goldwings & be plug & play
i guess goldwing guys dont mind big gaudy stuff.

for the price, you can't beat it.

FWIW, i would take the back off & make something, or find a way to mount it smaller.
it was cheap enough

cheap is a quality that overcomes many faults
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