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How to remove backrest/sissy bar from 06 strat??

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Is there a separate key for this lock?? I got two keys with the bike. I just assumed they were the same.

Maybe I'm missing something... Thanks
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I have an 06 Stratoliner S. It is the same key. You can look at the back of the lock and see the little arm that swings to block the latch from moving. It is easer with the bags off. With the lock arm out of the way hold the two latches up, one in each hand. Surprise you are out of hands. So I push the back rest forward with my head or shoulders while holding the latches released. You will feel it detent over the rollers. Watch it come off and watch the leading edges so you can put it back without scratching it. Note where the leading edge goes before you take it off. It is a simular action as removing the windshield.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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