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One further piece of information on the Key FOB, and that is it will turn itself off after it sits unused for 9 days. So if you have let your bike sit say for a vacation and it was more than nine days and you find the bike unresponsive when trying to start it, check to make sure the Key FOB is turned back on by pressing and holding the bottom silver button until the red led flashes.

Also in the Key FOB is a key that can be used to open the Trunk and saddle bags manually. This key is removed by a slide button on the back of the Key FOB that allows the key to slide out of the Key FOB. The key is used to manually open the trunk and saddle bags if needed. See your owners manual on how to reset the electric locks if they become un responsive to the Key FOB, Yamaha says sometimes the tumblers can become misaligned and you have to use the manual key to realign them and the electronic locks will work again.

Here is a short video explaining the auto off and how to remove the key from the Key FOB:

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