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Howdy, A little "Rusty" from San Antonio, FL

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My last bike was a new 1977 Yamaha 750 triple with a new idea - a drive shaft; I haven't been on a bike since that time. When a friend purchased a used "102" cubic inch Yamaha Road Star, I went along for the ride - what a gorgeous piece of machinery! That bike got my juices flowing and a couple weeks later, I purchased a new Yamaha V Star 1100 Silverado; again what a gorgeous piece of machinery.
Needless to say, when I attempted to ride it home, the manger of the store noticed my "rust" and offered to trailer the bike home for me. Not wanting to damage it, I eagerly agreed. That night will little traffic in our retirement community, I took her out for a spin. After once around the block, it was like I never was off for any length of time, no less 31 years! I've attached several photos, the red one is my friend's Road Star and the blue one is my new V Star.


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Welcome back! Have fun, Ride Safe:) Got yourself a nice ride there!
Good goin' man. Glad you're back in the saddle.
On a brand new scoot to boot. Enjoy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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