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Cheers, My name is Tim and I happily just bought a new 950 vstar

I have been riding all my life and I commute a bit over 120 miles each day. After putting over 110,000 miles on my Suzuki Katana I decided I would like to switch from a sport bike style to a cruiser.

I had in the past owned a few Harley's and even a Suzuki intruder so I was looking forward to getting back to that style of riding after spending the last 10+ years on a crouch rocket in a leather racing suit.

I couple of years ago I recorded a couple of rides and made some fun videos so if your interested I posted below a old blog I wrote about them.


Video Fun

So I got this new camera for Christmas “Cannon SD600” and one of the coolest things it does it shoot video. So I take the camera out and start to play with it…. Umm wait…. 45 seconds of video? No no no this will not due, So I get a 2GB card and now I can take (on a medium setting) about 60 minutes of video. Sweet!

Hummmm 60 minutes of video…. That would be just enough to record my ride in….

The next thing I know I built a small mount that will attach to my left side view mirror. I get the camera secured to the mount and align it so you can see forward.
The next morning I get up get suited up jump on the bike and click record. The camera records the entire trip and other then when I first turned it on at my house I completely forgot it was on there. Once I got home I imported the videos to my computer and started watching…

WOW I watch in amazement at this person slipping through car after car and truck after truck. The perspective of having to sit and watch helplessly as this bike forces its way through a tangled web of glaring red brake lights and jagged steel was almost overwhelming and I am the one that was riding! I knew I had something kind of special in that video I just had to try to find it. I wanted to do something with it so people could really get a feel of what it is like to ride with me everyday.

Edit what?

I have never in my life edited anything, so here I sit at about 10:00 pm Saturday night looking at my computer and thinking. “What do I have to edit this thing with?” after a few clicks I find “Windows Movie maker” Hummm That sounds good.

What to do, What to do… my only idea during this was that I wanted to create a video that would make the viewer (my wife and maybe a few friends) feel that they just got a glimpse of the inside of my mind during my daily rides. What I think, how I feel. The insane chaos and the serene beauty of riding. How calming and nerve-racking it can be and how much the people around me keep me vigilant and focused on staying alive.

Fast-forward 3:00am I finally have chopped an hours worth of video into an 8 minute chuck.

I sit back and watch it all for the first time…

The video finished and I just sat there mesmerized. I had no idea it would affect me so… Watching myself filter through traffic with images of my family flashing before my eyes while soothing slightly depressing music whispers in the background was nearly too much to take.

I watch it a few more times and it starts to become clear. This is exactly what I wanted!

I decide that I could be crazy and between the vicodin and whatever else the dentist gave me ( root canals ) maybe I am not seeing things clearly. So I posted it on “YouTube” and then posted it on a few forums I frequent.
Well the response was a bit over whelming. I got lots of, “Wow that is really cool” to “What the hell are you doing breaking every traffic law there is” and others wondering “why I am trying to kill myself.”
The funny thing is on the motorcycle forums I posted it on most everyone was very supportive and there was really no mention of safety just more amazement over the fact I deal with this traffic everyday, But on other Non motorcycle forums… Holy cow did I upset a few people… and because of tons of questions I felt I needed to address a few of them here.

OK first and foremost.
1# In Cali. It is 100% legal to “Lane share/split” No laws were broken during the shooting of this video.
2# I have been riding a motorcycle and racing for over 25 years and I have been doing this 120 mile commute for the last several years everyday, hot, cold, sunny or raining I never stop.

Do Not Try This At Home. (Tim is a trained professional on a closed course)

3# I have done this route no less then 900+ times and during that time I have learned where you can split and where you shouldn’t when to speed up and when to slow down..
4# I am not trying to kill myself just trying to keep others from killing me.
5# The videos are shot over a one day period. Everything you see happened that day.
6# I used a Cannon SD600 camera mounted to my left side view mirror.
7# I ride (rode) a Katana 750 Black.
8# Gear: black leather one piece Alinestars full armored racing suit, Alpinestars pro racing boots and you guessed it Alpinestars GP pro gloves. I have a few helmets to choose from depending on my mood.

The truth is like you all saw in the video what I do everyday is very dangerous and I often feel like it is only a matter of time before it’s my turn again to feel the crushing pain of a mistake in the unforgiving world I wander through each day.

All I can do is remain focused and never get complacent, pray to God every time I throw my leg over the saddle that he will see me through and hope that each of you take the extra time to look for motorcycles you never know the next one you see just might be me.


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