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I have Yamaha Drag Star 1100 (EU model) and I have hipercharger with the accompanying Jet Kit and Vance & Hines open guns. I am satisfied with the sound and the resulting performance. I'm a little confused, so I am interested in several things:

First: The installation instructions state that is among the parts are two washers .020 "Thick Needle Shim (indicated in the figure). I have not got them so I´m interested whether I had to get them to incorporate under the needle? is it something wrong now beacouse I did´t installed them ?

Second: I adjusted the Pilot Mixture Screw (PMS) 2 turns out from lightly bottomed, whether it is accurate or will be set a little screw or unscrew to be precisely calibrated?

And third: whether it is desirable additionally installed Needle / Jet Kits and who do you recommend?


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