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Hypercharger or Maxair Predator?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a hypercharger or the Maxair kit on a 2002 VStar 1100 Classic? Will riding in the rain cause issue with either setup? I've seen nothing but great reviews on the Maxair kit, but that is on their own website. The other setup I have been looking into is the Kuryakyn Hypercharger. Any thoughts?
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Free up air

I don't believe you will have trouble with either in the rain.

I cannot tell you which is best. There are lots of bikes out there with both so you should get some reports. I believe you will find with either no big gain is achieved unless you go through the air flow front to rear. More air in, re-jet the carburetor, and open up the exhaust. the change in air with out adjusting fuel mixture will result in little gain and a lean mixture. The numbers I hear from doing all three are about ten to fifteen percent increase of power.

Nothing is free, you will loose mileage, and hear an increase in noise. Both intake and exhaust. I don't think intake noise is a big deal with the 1100. Some bigger bikes it becomes significant. The crouch rockets will still blow you away but you will have the satisfaction of having done it.

Lets hear some first hand reports.

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I have the Maxair Predator kit on my 06 1100 classic. I ride year round in the rain, the great Pacific Northwest. I have not had any problems with the Maxair kit in 14k miles. It did take about 8 hours to install and set up. The bike runs great. Hope this helps.
Thanks Dave and Doug for the advice. Maxair it is then, and they have a holiday special on it right now for $189 which doesn't hurt. Early Christmas for Dad!
Silent45, After I installed my Maxair kit and a set of Shogun Ripsaw pipes I put my bike on a dyno and pulled 65hp. that is without doing any more adjustments other that what Maxair recomends. If I had wanted to spend some more time and money the shop said I could get 70hp out of the bike. Stock the 1100 puts out about 54hp. hope this helps.
I don't think you can beat that increase in horsepower for the money! I'm running stock pipes with the baffles cut out, it sounds great for the 5 dollars it cost me for the 1.5 inch bi-metal hole saw.
At $183 plus shipping its a little high. I just did it myself. Bought two K&N RU-600 filters online, a pcv valve and some 5/16" tubing at autozone, a tee fitting and two elbows at Ace Hardware. all for just over $100. of course you do have to drill the holes in the top of the aircleaner.
i did a ton of online research on the kuryakyn hypercharger when i was looking for an airkit, and the general consensus i found was that it is just a show piece. most of the people who have it said they couldn't really see any increase in performance but just noted that it looks really good on their bikes. also found some mechanics talking about the item and said that the design doesn't really allow for effecient airflow into your intake like other airkits do.

so anyone out there still deciding on the hypercharger or not, this is food for thought.
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