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I have 2 fuel filters. Doesn't seem right

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2002 vstar 1100 classic. Is this normal to have a fuel filter right after the tanks petcock? From that it goes to the actual filter under the seat
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I spent the past month mostly collecting tools to tune up the bike. 54000 miles and everything is custom, not sure if or when it was ever properly serviced. I rebuilt the carb did the valve adjustments, compression test, etc. Im about to hook up the manometer to synch the carbs but obviously don't want to kill it lol. So Should i eliminate this? Wouldn't it throw off the air:fuel ratio? Especially since it doesn't even look like a Yamaha filter? Looks like a lawnmower filter to me lol!
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ive got a different bike but i use that same filter. ive snipped the 1/4" ends off and drilled the interior walls open a bit. not sure if thinning the walls make a difference with 5/16" fuel lines.

speaking of rust. i removed most if not all of the ethanol buildup in mine. does the tank need to be treated or am i ok keeping fresh fuel in it? filter been replaced a few times since. i dont see rust flakes in there. carb bowl doesnt have any more rust particles either. joining the mileage challenge definitely helps in keeping the fuel fresh.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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