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Hi all just inviting you over for a few events that are happening in the next few weeks in my neck of the woods. For those of you that are coming, we could meet, go for a ride and enjoy a few giggly pops afterwards.

First event, the Janet Ride. This ride is organized by Janet and is used to raise funds for local charities. The ride will end at the hangar where I work for games and pictures with the aircraft from our collection. See the link for info. http://www.janetride.com/

Second event. This one runs the same weekend as the Janet ride. It's the Gatineau hot air balloon festival. Great fun for all. http://www.montgolfieresgatineau.com/anglais/accueil2011_en.html

Third event and not the least, the Gatineau airshow. It is the single and lmost impressive airshow in the area. If you like to see vintage aircraft, the Snowbirds and a bunch more be sure to attend. http://envol.vintagewings.ca/

Hope to see you there. I'll be one of the mechanics on the F-86 Sabre or the Corsair or the .... you get it?
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