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Is that a 950 or 1300??

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Anyone here that wanted a 1300 for the size but really likes the more modern slimmed down version of the 950? Well I am one of those people. I am not the retro classic kind of guy. But I really wanted the bigger motor and the water cooled engine. So I am customizing mine to look more like a custom Vstar 950 (although it will have parts of a Honda and Kawasaki). Much of this won't happen until next year, but I did change the front end for this year. I removed the tins and put on a 950 headlight. I like this better than the stock bug eye headlight that came on the bike. I wonder why Yamaha doesn't offer classics and customs like they have in the past, it would be alot easier to get the bike you want.



I'm attaching a link of some pictures I took over the winter for visualization of how the bike might look 2011. It's time to get riding, so I didn't want to be down while the weathers getting nice.

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Looks great


Bike looks great. Lots of work is paying off. I think you are going for a unique look rather than a 950 look. Wonder if you plan to lower it? That might help on the nimble thing. If the bags will clear. Yamaha hides the water cooled parts somewhat and tries to maintain the air cooled look. Good job, are you about done?

The bike is already lowered, 1-3/4" in rear and 1" in front. I haven't even ridden it more than 1/2hr since I got it in late Nov. last year. The previous owner lowered the bike, I'm not sure if I'll leave it lowered even though I like the looks. I don't want to be hitting the floorboards all the time as I've heard many people do in stock form. But I thought I'd ride it for a while and see how it handles.

The bike will have stock fenders and stay red until next winter. I have a lot of brackets to fabricate and the tail light and rear fender still need some fabrication and welding. Not sure if I'm going to keep the floor boards either. I'll be going with a custom paint job but don't know what color it will be yet. So part of the reason it's not getting done this year is time other part is money. I can't have bike down in riding weather.

Thanks for the compliment,
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