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Hi. My name is Dave and I am a Yamaholic.
In 2008 my wife came home one day and told me I needed a bike. Who was I to argue? She came up with some $$ and I came up with a little more and I bought a 2000 V-Star 650 Classic from a co-worker. I put about 6,000 miles on it since then and changed it around quite a bit. You can see some of those changes on my personal website. Just click my name in the signature area. The current changes haven't made it to that website yet, but they will when I start tinkering with it again.

Then, last October I happened to stop out to the local Yamaha dealership to get a couple little things. I made the mistake of looking at an '09 950T they had on the floor. Two days later I was riding it home. I was only able to get about 750 miles on it before the snow really put a damper on my riding conditions here in Iowa.

Now my two bikes are sitting under covers with battery tenders hooked up just waiting for me to take them out again. It's been very tempting to take one of them out when the streets dry up, but all the sand and ice melt salt has kept my mind thinking about dumping one of them, so they sit.

Anyway, there is the important information about my addiction. Other info is I'm 37 years young, been married for a little over 10 years, have two daughters (16 and 10), I work 3rd shift as a warehouse supervisor, and look for any reason to take one of the bikes out. I don't have much of a social life because of working nights, so 99% of my 'friends' are people I know online. Maybe one day I'll get myself back into working days, but for now this works for the family situation.

Well, that's me... that's my introduction post. So, is there any help for being a Yamaholic?
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