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This is my 1st post and have a problem I need help with. 2007 Road Star 1700 , always had starter solenoid relay problems from about 5000 on. Replaced like 7-8 of them? Few yrs. back, replaced with starter and that help. Now the with key turned off the electrical system is on with full lights.? With key turn on , no starter. Ordered a stater solenoid and when unpluged connecters I noticed the 3 prone connecter (white) to the rectifier , (black) engine side, was slightly melted? When looking at it, it's the right prone of the side by side.
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On the stater relay there is a 4 prone plug connector, the order in the position they are to be? Top left blue, top right red/white, bottom 2 reds (thicker AWG wire) ?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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