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Lay down license plate

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I laid down my license plate tonight and I am extremely pleased with the outcome and wish I could share the pics here, but I am a window licker:confused: when it comes to these forums. I can tell you that it only cost me 5 bucks and about a half hour of my time. Its not quite as nice as the barons lay down plate because it does not curve around the fender, but for 5 bucks it was a vast improvement over the big bulky unit that was there before.:cool: All it took was a modification of the stock bracket and the plate laid right down on the fender. If anyone would like to see it you must either school me on inserting a pic or give me your email.
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Finally got pics figured out

Well here are some pics of my lay down plate.


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That looks nice for $5 instead of $145 for the Baron's kit! What did you do to get it to lay down? I want to do that to my Stratoliner!
I will pull it off this weekend and get some detailed pics up of exactly what you have to do(which I should have done while doing it) But basically you just have to cut the steel bracket and drill a hole and your done. Autozone has the chrome trim for like 5 bucks , or if you wanted nicer you could order a nice billet one.(which I will probably do) I just wasn't sure when I started how it was going to turn out so I didn't spend a lot of money on the trim. If you have a cut off wheel this project shouldn't take more than 1/2 hr to do. Hopefully I will get the pics up this weekend. I may get a little crazy and try to bend it to the contour of the fender, but as is it looks great for the time and money spent.
How to cut bracket

Here are some pics of how to cut your stock bracket and lay down your plate.
Pic 1 is the bracket before cutting minus the reflector tabs that must be cut off too.
Pic 2 is of bracket cut, the back must be perfectly flat. grind off any burrs.
Pic 3 is of a lexan washer to be placed between the bracket and fender(make 3, one for each fender screw)you could use nylon washers or anything to keep from chipping paint when you tighten.
Pic 4 is the back of the bracket with hole drilled. You should drill the hole in the bracket from the front so you can get it as low on the bracket as possible.
Pic 5 (optional)is a relief cut made in the bracket so you can bend it around your fender.
If you are happy with it being flat and just laying down all there is left to do is mount the plate. , if you want to curve it around your fender you have to make relief cut shown in pic 5 and work your magic. There is no real science to bending your plate and frame it just takes some patience. Do it a little bit at a time and check fit to fender frequently. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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Finished curved

Here is a pic of plate finished and curved around the fender.


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Here is a pic of plate finished and curved around the fender.
nice job , i love it when we do our own mods , makes us think of more stuff to make , " smell my finger " LOL
Well done. I like the look and the fact that it cost a lot less than any aftermarket one.
Thanks to your post and pics, I picked up a license plate frame and a mounting bracket while at Autozone. I didn't want to cut the original bracket because I'm too lazy to run down to the basement to get the cut off wheel and I thought I'd keep the original hardware for later. The plate bracket turned out to be a heavy plastic, so after measuring, I grabbed a pair of pruning shears and snipped a section of the middle out. I then used the round side of my weed sprayer container to make the plate frame and plate concave. From start to finish was about ten minutes. I'll post a picture soon. Thanks for the inspiration.
lay down plate

Hey Venturer, did you ever take any pics of the plate you did. I would like to see how you did it. I want to do sort of the same thing myself. Any help would do, Thanks Zig
Thanks, HTMNKLVE The pics really helped with doing it myself. Just got finish with installing it. Zig
Zig, how about postin some pics.
Laydown plate

I'll try to get some out this weekend, If I'm not to busy riding! No problem pics will be on the way soon.
did mine today...what a great mod!
laydown plate

You bet what a great mod. Don't know why more folks don't do it. Looks so good and simple to do.:cool:
Nice, will be doing that when my bike gets here. Hopefully sooooooooooooooon!
A quick laid down plate

Nothing to buy, parts left over, and fender fitting.

I thought this as an easy way to get the plate close to the fender. Remove the plate from your bracket, remove the bracket from the fender. Grab your plate and put it on the fender, mark the lowest hole and place you want the plate to rest on the fender, mark it, this might be right in the middle of the plate. Now measure the plate mine was 7 inches, so make sure the center low hole is in the 3 1/2 inch mark. Drill that hole, now take your bracket and put it on top of your plate so you can mark the two top holes, I put the low bolt in the bracket then the plate. Mark the top two holes, I measured from the top of the plate to the bracket so I could make sure it is straight. The bracket is kind of curved so curve your plate to drill and egg the holes a little to allow for curve. I then taped some sticky foam over the holes on the fender and drilled those to protect the paint. Nylon washers could be used. Now blue lock tight the bolts before putting them through plate and the fender and tighten. I bent my plate a little but tightening the top two bolts first will bend the plate to the shape. Yes drill holes in the plate, it is better to ask forgiveness later than to ask for permission first:).

Now take the bracket and put it someplace or sale it. I have a secure mounted plate quick and easy.;)
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The first thing I did for my 'Liner was make a lay-down mount. Mine was a little more expensive at $7 for length of aluminum bar-stock but it's still better than the readily available ones. :D
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