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I live in Australia and I ordered a Cobra slipon 2275 muffler for my XVS1300 from the US from an ebay shop called LeClare Powersports, the muffler duly arrived but had suffered some small dents on the inside part of the muffler during shipping nothing major but still took the shine off my brand new muffler so I emailed the company concerned hoping that I would get a bit of a discount as I was not going to send it back as the shipping was A$166 ..... but right from the first email the guy was really good to deal with and I was very quickly given a FULL refund and got to keep the muffler which I had installed already! I was very impressed with their handling of this, though it was covered by insurance I still feel he was quite willing to be helpful, his business address is below

Dale LeClare
LeClare Powersports
5360 S. Campbell Ave Suite D
Springfield, MO 65810
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