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More or less lets talk about swing arms.
This is how she sat last season...

Leaf Season by someguymatt, on Flickr
Lurkin by someguymatt, on Flickr

She is now in pieces in my shop haha.

Im doing a real hardtail conversion but I'm diving a little deeper and reallllly going beyond just hard tailing it and also completely eliminating everything that is under the seat (battery, storage compartment, fuses).
The battery and fuses are being relocated and hidden, the storage compartment will be... Well... No longer available.

Just looking for opinions (if there are any) on the swing arm.
Heres how it looks.

Now Im just gathering opinions. Here Ive marked a few things.

The pipes with the blue lines are for sure out. Like I said, its going hardtail. Im just wondering if I can also chop out the the piping outlined in red.
Of course part of the rear swing arm houses the drive shaft, but I don't need any more "swing". Its going to be welded; no rear suspension at all. I won't need to compensate for the drive shaft trying to swing any longer.

Heres another visual of JUST the swing arm (pulled this pic off google).

Now, everything in red would be gone. And as you can see I added some black to show how the swing arm would NOW attach to the rest of the bike.

The remaining housing would still attach to the frame via the bolt hole you can see in the picture above.
Hopefully that makes sense. If not then screw it Im just winging it anyways haha.

- Matt
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