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Ok folks, this is the response I received from Paul about the many theories concerning Yamaha sponsoring him.
So, they gave the SVTC to Paul to ride...wow.On his original video, Paul did use the phrase, "I now own an SVTC". It saves his having to explain to the masses, that Yamaha actually gave him one as his reward for his M.S. awareness campaign, and yes...to be a SVTC product promoter, and ambassador of the motorcycle. I'm sure there are written stipulations and agreements with their giving him the bike, free...in that he must make appearances, when requested by Yamaha (and I am sure, dead sure, that in those cases, Yamaha is paying for fuel, food, and accommodation, such as his ride to Sturgis on Bike Week, to be available to show his bike, his mileage, take questions, etc. It's not totally 'free and hand's off'...and I wouldn't think so.

My father had M.S. and I know first hand watching my father get more debilitated with each year...what this disease can do to a person's body, as well as their mind and spirit. So Paul is also an M.S. sufferer...wow, all the more kudo's for what he has undertaken. I can understand how Yamaha would wish to be part of his M.S. Journey! Congrat's Paul...enjoy that great new SVTC of yours! You'll make a great SVTC ambassador for sure!

Here is the link, Paul highlights...:

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