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Do you want a bigger bike? Maybe we can work out a trade. 2004 Kawasaki Nomad 1500 Fuel Injected. Additional goodies include CWI light bar installed last month, 3-inch chucksters risers (will include the stock risers), Larger Lowers (have stock ones also that will go with the bike), Grasshopper Drivers Backrest, Mustang fender bib (Also have the stock rear pilon & stock passengers backrest that goes with it), Idaho Jacks special chromed edition jack adaptor, Changed the oil about 300 miles ago with Rotella T6 Synthetic, Mean City Cycles seat mod for more comfortable long rides, new battery last month. Has all the standard stuff that came with it - Front & rear crash bars, front & rear floor boards, heel/toe shifter, windshield, hard bags, split dual exhaust, Just had PA state inspection, rubber is very good & so are brakes, this is a very sharp bike. It has just over 10,000 miles at this time I am still riding it so that will change. It is in great shape, and I love the ride it’s just a little too big for what I want. There are hi-way pegs and an mp3 amplified stereo in the pictures that I will be keeping.

I am looking for something a little lighter/smaller like a v-star 1100 or 1300 or a Silverado 1100 with low miles & needs to be set up similar to the accessories on the Nomad (drivers backrest, bags, windshield, floorboards & heel/toe, would also strongly prefer passing lights but could work out something there) Drop me an email & let me know what you have…pictures would be very helpful also. [email protected]

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