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Hi everybody,

like the title says, I am looking for some OEM leather saddlebags for my fathers XV1900 Midnight Star
(you guys call it Stratoliner/Roadliner)

He crashed yesterday :-[ luckely everything is actually fine mechanically and my father himself is okay too...
Only damage is:
- front and rear crashbars (they did a good job protecting the bike)
- right front blinker + left front blinker lens
- scratches on the entire windshield
- scratches and bents on the front mudguard
- some scratches on the headlight ring and glass + big lights dont work
- left saddlebags has a big dent and one piece of leather is completely destroyed.
- and some scratches on the housings of the controls, the rear axle and exhaust.

Other than those things the bike is still a-ok! Brakes, suspension, engine, transmission, wheels, chassis, even the steering wheel itself, etc works.

He lost control after a small truck touched him on his clutch lever while doin a passing maneuver, this caused the steering wheel to go wacko and this all happened IN a turn so he couldn't control the bike at all and landed at 45mph into a concrete separation, luckely it was no metal railing.
This caused him to fall from the bike and over the concrete separation and land on wide piece with sand/gras on the opsite direction, but luckely safely out of traffic.
The bike itself could run free against the concrete and eventually to a full stop...

So it could have been worse.

Some pics:

As of now we have "stripped" the bike from those saddle bags, rear crash protectors and the windshield.
So now it looks like a naked bike, a Roadliner I think its called in the US.
He'll also remove the front mudguard to try and hit out the dents, so I guess it will look like a real mean bike after that :)

But we are looking for one or a pair of the same OEM leather saddlebags...
Unfortunately Yamaha doenst sell them single, but in pairs and with the brackets...so thats very costly.

If anybody has one (left side) or a pair of saddlebags they are sick and tired of, shoot me a pm :)

I'll try and see if I can post on some pics of the bike stripped down as it is now...

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thx for the offer btw, but he is not interested.

he knocked out the dents and painted it himself.

The pics of the bike as it stands for now:

without front fender

with custom fix on front fender and with all other broken parts in place
exept for the chrome ring around the headlight, they didnt had it in stock and wich costs OEM around 330 USD

Only later on did we find out there was a second hand ring offered locally for 90 bucks! :mad:

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